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Tune your voice! Learn to sing and get the note right.


Learn, step by step, to recognize and sing the musical notes. SolFaMe includes a voice tuner and a number of challenges designed for amateurs and experienced singers alike.

☆ Features ☆

Learn to recognize each note by its spelling and sound.

Train your musical ear.

Learn to sing and train your voice.

Sing musical intervals.

Practice distinguishing sharps and flats.

✓ Adapted to low and high voice pitches.

✓ Includes notes in Latin (Do Re Mi) and English (A B C) notation.

☆ Sections of the application ☆

The app contains a tuner, in which you can tune your voice to the note you select, being able to see on a staff how close you are to singing the exact (midi) note. The tuner can also be used with the piano; use it to tune your instrument and get it ready to play. You can also use it to warm up your voice before singing.

The exercise/challenge section is divided into different levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate and advanced), with which you can start from scratch and progress in your learning. It contains a number of distinct types of exercises. Some in which you practise by singing using the microphone and other exercises in which the voice is not needed because the user interacts by screen touching with the purpose of learning  the notation -spelling- and sound of the notes. In addition, it includes a scoring system with which to measure your progress.



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