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Play with your voice!


Play with your voice! Sing to control a drone through the obstacles on a concert stage. Hold out as long as possible to get the highest score in each level. Use your voice pitch to set the height at which the drone will move across the stage.

☆ Features ☆

✓ Play in an innovative and fun way.
✓ A game to train and warm up your voice.
✓ Adapted for high and low voice ranges.
✓ Includes notes in classical notation (Do Re Mi) and Anglo-Saxon (A B C).

☆ Game details ☆

The game is divided into several levels of difficulty in which the higher the level, the more complex is the combination of notes or the number of these.

The notes for each level are:

– Level 1: C E G
– Level 2: C D E
– Level 3: C F A
– Level 4: G A B
– Level 5: C D E G A
– Level 6: C D E F G A
– Level 7: C D E F G A B

These levels are generated procedurally, that is, in each game the order in which the notes and obstacles appear are different, so each new try is different. The game consists of placing the drone at the right height to pass through the gaps left by obstacles. To place the drone at a certain height you will have to sing the note that corresponds to that altitude.

You can use the game to learn, practice or to warm up your voice.

This app has been created and developed with the collaboration of the ATIC research group of the Universidad de Málaga (Spain).



You can play it in SolFaMe App!

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