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Refugiadas Climáticas

When the adventure is to survive


Refugiadas climáticas

“Climate Refugees” is a compilation of interactive stories in which various women from different parts of the world have to migrate due to the harsh effects that climate change has caused in their places of origin. Accompany these women in their migration, facing dangers and ethical conflicts, being able to take the story to different endings according to your decisions. Will you be able to reach the destination?

– Interactive stories in which your decisions will mark the outcome of the story.

– Knows the difficulties and dangers that migrants have to face.

– Manage your money and resources correctly to get to your destination.

The game is made up of eight stories by women from: Brazil, El Salvador, Cameroon, Sudan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Kiribati and Indonesia. They all have in common facing the dangers of emigrating and even more so being a woman.

The game has narrative parts in which we read what happens. On other occasions we make the decision of what to do: who to go with or what transport to take. Our protagonists will have to work to earn money and choose safe routes or risk using unconventional routes.

The end of the story may be tragic, just like in real life, but we can replay the game to see the different endings and fates that await these women.




Available on Google Play

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