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Spelling for elementary students

GAUBI – Ortografía en primaria

GAUBI is a serious game for primary school students that helps them work on spelling. It contains several mini-games that teach them to write correctly.

A gamification project in which we can follow the learning process of the students through the map and go through the different levels with game mechanics that complement the teaching.

Our avatar is a marble, which will help us in the use of the application and will transmit its commitment to clean energy, the environment and sustainability.

The objective is to complete all the locations and overcome the final conversational minigame, where we will obtain the key that will open the door to new SDG2030 objectives: mental health, ecosystems and an emerging narrative towards inequalities.

The didactic content that turns this application into a serious game is related to learning spelling rules in primary school (6 and 12 years). In addition, you can include it in your gamification in the classroom in terms of monitoring learning within the classroom ecosystem.

GAUBI contains pedagogical references both for the teachers who are going to use it and for the family so that they are aware of what it means to play GAUBI and how it can improve their children’s reading and writing process. School-family collaboration is one of the axes on which this app is designed.



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