Wizards Tourney

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Face your friends in a chaotic competition that will test all your magical talent. Prove that you are the most skillful and astute wizards by making your adversaries fail!


A pinch of magic

Wizards Tourney is a party-game for up to four players in which you will play the role of one of the participant wizards. Show that you are the most powerful wizard in each of the six trials of the tourney!

  • A chaotic and fun competition. Never stand still, take action!
  • Each trial is a different challenge and employs a unique game mechanic. Don’t forget to annoy your rivals!
  • The environment is different in each gameplay. Think fast or you will fail!
  • Wizards, sorcerers and conjurers from all over the world.
  • Simple controls and easy to learn rules. A tourney in which everyone can participate, but just the best will win!


Can you achieve victory?

In Wizards Tourney you will face other wizards in different trials where you will have to prove your skill and cunning. You’ll not only be worried about to overcome the challenge that you will find in each trial, but also to hinder and sabotage the progress of your opponents. A wizard never cheats, he adapts the world to his will!

Choose your wizards and go to the Coliseum, from where the magic portals will take you to the different locations of the trials. In each gameplay the scenario and the events that occur in it will be different, so you will have to adapt quickly to them. A wizard must be prepared for everything!


The Magic Tournament

Each year the Magic Tournament gathers in High Castle to illustrious magicians from all over the world to decide who will win the title of Archmage. However, what began as a competition of experience and magical talent has become an elite event in which the intrigue and appearance have been imposed on the ancestral purpose of this tournament.


Show your power!

This year, a small group of wizards has rebelled against the organizers of the Magic Tournament with the aim of returning magic to the importance it deserves. This wizards have organized an independent and authentic tourney, away from the favoritism and bureaucracy of the Magic Tournament. In Wizards Tourney each participant have to prove to be the most skillful and astute wizard putting into practice all necessary strategies and tricks to achieve victory.


Wizards Tourney

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