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We love making games as much as playing them!

Wizards Tourney (PC and console) In development
Face your friends in this chaotic competition which will test all your magical talent. You’ll have to prove that you are the most qualified and cunning wizard capable not only to win but also to make your enemies fail! Do you dare to take part?

Quest to Aztlan (Android and iOS)
Recruit your own team of adventurers, explore the jungle in search of the lost city of Aztlan and face the monsters who protect the secrets of this ancient civilization. Lead the expedition!

Anima (PC, Mac and Linux)
An adventure about decadence and corruption in which you have to take revenge against those who betrayed you. This is the story of seven dark wills and the only soul that dared to face them. Get your revenge!


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About us
We are a game development studio located in Málaga, Spain. Our goal is to offer new and exciting experiences in which players feel part of their adventure through careful gameplay and narrative design. [Our team] [Presskit]

Contact us
If you would like to get in touch with us, you can contact us …
… by email hello@abonfireofsouls.com
… by Twitter @abonfireofsouls
… by phone +34 637 545 075

Business solutions

Business solutions
We offer gamification and video game development solutions for third parties. If you are looking for professional developers for your project or you have an idea and want to collaborate with us, feel free to contact us.

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